My Week In WoW – Mage Tower, More Alt Play, and Some Fun Soloing/Duoing

I thought I’d try a new thing this week and recap the stuff I personally did in WoW last week, with some commentary.

It’s a time to be spoiler-free, not too worried about the state of the game or what happens at Blizzcon, but just what got me to log in this week and some of the cool stuff I did.

Mage Tower: I did it! After about 25-30 prior attempts at various gear levels, not really taking it seriously, I went in on Saturday on a whim while it was up on NA servers, did the tank challenge on my Demon Hunter, and boom – got it in one shot. I died right at the end, but Velen and Kor’vas lived and killed Kruul. I yelled “FUCK” so loud when I died it woke up my girlfriend, and by the time she came to check on me, I somehow had completed the quest. Thanks, NPCs! I’m not super fond of the Vengeance appearance, but now that I can see it on my character, oh yeah. I’m gonna keep it on because it’s proof I did the challenge! I also started putting serious attempts on the Havoc appearance, but yeah…that is going to be some time. Luckily, Havoc has a great toolkit for the Xylem fight.

Altoholic-ing: With Mists Timewalking active, I took every character to the Timeless Isle vendor to buy up the last bits of gear to raise my item level on every alt. Good news – my lowest item level of my twelve 110’s is now 882! I didn’t actually run any – I might do the quest on my “main-alts” tonight, though. Thanks to Argus stuff, my Priest is now 915 and my Monk is now 908. The catch-up is real! I’ve continued to cycle alts through mount content – my Druid got the class mount last week and my Paladin should get it today, just doing the mission and then the demon slaying on the Broken Shore. After that, not sure who I’ll cycle through – probably Shaman and Death Knight next.

Old Raid Soloing: I can do Mythic Siege of Orgrimmar solo now on my Monk and Druid as well, which is cool! My priest gets to Sha of Pride before failing the DPS check – he gets imprisoned every time. Bleh. Even as Shadow, it’s not quite enough. I went with a guildy friend to duo Mythic Warlords of Draenor stuff – we got all the way through Highmaul, and Blackrock Foundry went pretty well, except for Blast Furnace (you need an MC) so it’s out of reach for now, since you can’t do Blackhand for that sweet mount unless Blast Furnace falls over. I might find a friend with a Priest alt to do that, so I can game the quest for the Blackhand direct skip, farming him for the mount. I’d like to try Mythic Hellfire Citadel before too long, just because I’d love to add the sets to my wardrobe soon. I bet it will actually be pretty reasonable with two people.

Other Little Bits: I did all of the Suramar quests up to the Insurrection story on my priest. Without the rep gates in place, it’s easy to see that the quests that are there aren’t very demanding – it’s very clear that the rep gates were designed to keep it chock full of stuff to do, making you do World Quests in the zone, Withered Army Training, and then filling out the remaining time with the quests that are provided. Without having to grind the reputation all the way up, you can do the quests in about 3 hours. Similar to the Argus campaign, or Legionfall, it’s mostly just a few standard quests that were padded out with rep gating or weekly unlocks. I don’t mind the model, and I think it works pretty well for WoW – but without the veneer of those unlocks hiding that, it just kind of opens up the curtain to reveal that there isn’t as much there as you might reminisce about from launch.

And that’s all for now – I might keep doing this if it holds interest, which, since I’m playing a lot in the leadup to Blizzcon, it just might!


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