My Week in WoW – Week Ending 10/2/2017

I’m going to give this another try this week, since the first was well received!

Havoc Artifact Challenge – this one is very tricky, as you basically have to re-spec talents at Phase 2, and even swap some gear. I’m starting to more reliably get to Phase 2, which is good. If you’re planning to do the Xylem challenge, be ready to move quickly to his sparkly hiding spot during Phase 1 – Arcane Annihilation is the spot most unforgiving of mistakes. I think I might try this again tonight, or just wait for the next time Mage Tower is up.

Alt Play Continues On – My priest is now 920 thanks to Argus relinquished tokens, and my Monk is 916. I’ve started dragging my Druid and Paladin through here now, to continue gearing out alts. I’ll probably hold off until I finish my Priest – he needs 3 more relinquished pieces, including relics, and he’ll be maxed out from that short of war/titanforge chance from those tokens. The monk needs a little bit more gear, but not a lot – I think maybe 6 pieces including relics. I was planning to really shuffle all my alts through here, but admittedly, I’ve liked the more relaxed pace. Since they’re all already in the 880s at a minimum, I’m not in a hurry to ram them through Argus, especially since what’s left after the paladin and druid are mostly pure DPS classes, which I worry won’t be great in Argus at low gear.

One other thing here, I put in some time on my mage. I got the hidden Frost appearance finally, since the emote popped for the Teleportation Nexus when I logged her in, so I went to get it. I mainly play Fire, though, so after that, I figured I would spend some time in Suramar trying to get The Star’s Design. After about two hours and over 100 mobs down with nothing, I gave up – for now. I also played around with Arcane spec a bit. I really like the gameplay theory behind it, but I need to learn it better. Fire is just “crunchier” for me – it feels like there is more to that, with Hot Streak, the various interactions with Crit, and the good variety of spells for stationary and mobile situations.

Raid Soloing – Not much here. Took the Monk through Pandaria raids for fun, Windwalker is great for this with their strong cleave damage. Ra-den fell in one shot, hooray! I will probably start adding Cataclysm raids back in with the pet acheivement added in 7.3. I stopped doing them since I had almost all the mount drops (still need the Drake from Al’Akir and the 10 player mount variant from Madness of Deathwing) but they used to be my primary gold farm!

ToS Raiding – ugh. I’m pretty much done with ToS, in terms of tolerance for the raid. It’s a shame, I really enjoy the visuals and lore of the raid, but the encounter design and difficulty curve are massively off. I wish I could write about how Heroic Kil’Jaeden got more attempts, but no – due to losing one of our best DPS for the week, instead we spent about 90 minutes wiping to Fallen Avatar. If our DPS can come up, that will probably win us the fight – we had a few attempts that were damn close, like 1% wipe close. It’s a fight where your destiny is chained to your lowest DPS, and we have a couple low DPS players. When our full raid comp is present, it works out very well, but without one of our top end DPS to counterbalance that, yeesh. I am counting the (expected) weeks until the launch of Antorus.

Lastly – that WoW year in review video? In September? Haha, oh Ion, confirming that we’re getting an expansion reveal at Blizzcon in this way is super funny. It serves as a good reminder though – there has been a lot of stuff already added to the game just this year, let alone throughout Legion, and I hope to hear about how such a pace will continue!

Oh, and I turned 32 yesterday. Cool!

6 thoughts on “My Week in WoW – Week Ending 10/2/2017

  1. Happy birthday! 🙂 Hope you had a wonderful day.

    What a shame about ToS. It seems that that raid got far too little focus and attention, and to me it appears so wrong; considering who we are dealing with in there.

    I havent seen the WoW year in review video yet, but I am gonna now!

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    1. I’m probably going to write more about my feelings on ToS soon – I really was excited for it, and it has some cool elements, but the difficulty curve throughout the raid coupled with frequent repetition of mechanics just made it so dull and frustrating to play. I hear better things about Antorus, though, and it has lore x100 compared to ToS haha

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