Back to Writing, Back to Videos

So I had planned to start 2018 with a bunch of new posts and videos.

Yeah, as you can see, not so much.

I am actually, for real, about to resume starting next week, but I’ll be writing a lot here this week. I have my Cataclysm piece workshopped where I want it, but more importantly, if you’ve been around lately on the WoW-corners of the internet, you may have noticed that there appears to be an alpha of some sort being datamined, and you had better believe I have taken notice of everything I could find. Zone flyovers, hub reveals in the files, cutscenes (placeholders are in the files!), and all the mounts, pets, and items. After a bit of a problematic 7.3.5 launch, I am so happy to see all the stuff in the alpha files, along with the fixes to live.

Plus, I’ve been doing a lot of gameplay to write about! Like finishing all of my monk’s artifact challenges in one day! Doing the Unholy DK appearance! More Heroic Antorus notes! PvPing to Prestige 2 and some change on my Demon Hunter!

So I want to apologize for leaving everyone hanging – between all of that and personal life (illness, work, and the like) – I had bold plans for January that just totally didn’t happen haha.

But, good news is, besides all of that, besides resuming, I also was able to make a big decision at a good (bad) time – I am in the process of acquiring a new PC! I am custom building an awesome little Micro ATX gaming box, which will be the first time in 7 years I’ve built myself a new machine from scratch! I am documenting that whole process in video, including some case painting and mods to make it a unique custom build. That will be complete in April, as I am hoping for sanity to return to the GPU market while buying the rest of the hardware, including waiting until April for AMD to launch their Ryzen+ CPU lineup so I can get one of those.

But I do owe an apology to readers/viewers, since I was optimistic that I was going to do way more this month and then it just didn’t materialize. The good news is, that I have videos and posts banked, and with the Battle for Azeroth alpha data and Q&A this week, I will have lots of new stuff to talk about too!

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