The Long Download of Alpha (Yes, It Means What It Sounds Like)

I got Alpha! A lot of people in my guild did at once, actually, like 4 or 5 of us.

The download is huge. It doesn’t look like BfA on my account, but I was able to log in for 2 minutes and confirm it was 8.0.1 and an Alliance 110 Pandaren Monk I rolled was logged into the game inside the city of Boralus.

And…that’s it. For now!

I’ll have the full client downloaded today and will start sharing some thoughts soon. I just wanted to say hello, since work has kicked my ass out of posting for the last week and change, but I will be remedying that this week!


4 thoughts on “The Long Download of Alpha (Yes, It Means What It Sounds Like)

  1. Have fun! That means almost no visits to Kaylriene’s blog for a while for me, awwww. I hope you will talk about a lot of stuff other than lore and story, so I can check in everynow and again 🙂

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    1. Haha, don’t worry, I’m not likely to play it too much. When I do get alpha access, I always prefer deep-diving the changes to gameplay over the story stuff, and I’ll continue heavy spoiler tags when that stuff is coming 🙂

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