Another Quick Update

My Demon Hunter is 120, with an item level of 328!

I’ve done all the dungeons on Heroic, and I really like most of them a lot. The visuals are nice, distinct, and capture something really cool about a fantasy game – the places can be anything. Underrot is so cool visually, and Freehold just has this whimsy all about it!

Tanking as Vengeance grows easier by the day, and with the acquisition of gear. I’m about to have my first rep at Revered with Storm’s Wake, which will hopefully net me a good piece of gear.

I’ve done two Mythic dungeon – Atal’Dazar and Tol Dagor. Atal’Dazar was an all-guild group and we were much lower item level – around 308 avg for the full group. It was insane, but we did it. Tol Dagor was 3 guildies and two pugs and went pretty smoothly, as everyone was at or above Heroic item level.

I have not turned off War Mode since dinging 120. I’m not a big PvPer, or even good at it, but the bonuses are still nice and the occassional skirmish adds some life to the game. Doing quests in the Horde capital with it was difficult but it added a layer of acheivement that felt nice.

I’ve started cycling alts through Stormsong Valley for leveling next, going to do 3-4 at a time and focus on maximizing rested XP, plus Insightful Rubelites and War Mode. I want to get more characters up to try different facets of gameplay.

So far, I really, really like this expansion, more than I expected to. It’s most likely still because it is new, but the paint has not worn off yet and I’ve often been plugging hours into the game daily just floating around doing things. Once the gearing pressure eased up, it added fun. My guild isn’t hardcore at all, in fact some of our core raiders haven’t even hit 120 yet, but I always push to be ahead of the curve so I can tank for guild groups and have alts available that can benefit from doing content with them.

The art continues to impress me – the cohesion of the zones within their respective continents is just incredible, and captures something I don’t think WoW has ever done well before – this sense of realistic, believable spaces. The new capitals take some lessons from Suramar to heart – making them a bit large and perhaps too much so, but I really enjoy the gameplay of them. Having everything you really need kind of in that central location is great, though, and having World Quests that use the outskirts of each capital to invite in enemy players is a cool idea. Each time I’ve done a WQ in Dazar’Alor, it scares me a little bit and puts me on alert, which is not something I often feel in WoW.

The last thing worth mentioning is that this weekend, I completed the Pride of Kul Tiras questline without being spoiled on the cinematic, and wow. I really, throughly enjoyed the character development, and without spoiling too much, there is a really great bit of new Jaina lore. The worries I had going in that the story was going to use Sylvanas to raise the stakes and stoke that heated response from Jaina is mostly gone. I have not spoiled myself on the Horde side version of that endgame questing yet, but I will likely do so this week, as it will likely be a while before I do level a Horde alt from 110-120 (but I will do so the earliest I ever have in an expansion cycle.

And then, later this week, we get Gamescom and likely a new Warbringers and 8.1 announcement.

There is, perhaps, too much to see and do.

And I enjoy that a lot!

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