New Post Coming Tomorrow – An Update on Many Things

Quick update – I’ve finished leveling and doing everything Horde-side but the post-120 war campaign quests! Another Demon Hunter, but hey – it’s been fun and the experience has been nice. My immediate feedback is that the post-120 story quests for Horde are so barren compared to Alliance that it is moderately disappointing. Glad to have done those quests prior to the upcoming Siege of Zuldazar raid, though!

I’ve also done my first Warfront scenario and it wasn’t as bad as I was led to believe. It’s not the best content in the world, but it was enjoyable enough and I did have a reasonably good time. I’m glad it exists and can be there sporadically during the month to flesh out weekly events you may not like and offer more things to do.

My Blizzcon trip has gotten much more real, as this week, I got my official invite for my private Blizzard tour (!!) and now have a date and time to go there and see the office in person. We’ll also be going to Universal Hollywood for some Harry Potter ride and to see it (last time I went was 21 years ago!) and then we’ll be able to see more of the area than I usually do going for Blizzcon since I tend to just go for the con days and then leave. I am insanely excited and I am sure I will get a silly Orc statue photo just for the inevitable (carefully filtered) post about my tour!

My guild is 6/8 in Uldir (normal) and so a write-up on the raid is definitely forthcoming!

Lastly, wow, the 8.1 datamining is incredible stuff, given that just a week ago we didn’t have much of a clue what would be coming, and there will be some spoiler-heavy write-ups of that stuff coming too!


2 thoughts on “New Post Coming Tomorrow – An Update on Many Things

  1. I havent tried warfronts yet (still gearing up, only got to 120 this week), but everyone was saying how bad islands were and I had a blast doing them. Admittedly, maybe I enjoy them a lot because I do them with friends, and with randoms its probably less fun/interesting.

    I envy you for going to Blizzcon 😭😭😭
    I intend to take Princess there one day, but will need more days there so we also see a few more things (I only know Miami and a few keys in the US). And the Blizzard tour, we want that too!!!! I hope you take lots of pictures to show us 😀

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    1. I’m going to take as many photos as I am allowed! The NDA I had to sign for the tour is not terribly restrictive but I definitely want to be able to come back in the future 🙂

      Blizzcon is well worth a trip and I hope you get to come some day, it is a good time!

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