Weekly Hype Train! Week of 1/22/2019

Let’s jump right in and get hyped!

Battle of Dazar’Alor

Very excited for having a new raid to do, and our first raid night will be tonight! I think it will be a good time, earning gear again and getting to experience what I’ve heard are some very good fights. I really want the full set look for leather on my DH, because it looks really good, as do the glaive models!

Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.5 Story Content

I’ve already finished most of this, but in 1 item level (so close!) I can do the final dungeon the Stormblood expansion and conclude the story for the expansion to date, although my understanding is that more is to come prior to the launch of Shadowbringers. I’ve had a lot of fun getting back into the game and relearning how to play Astrologian healing, and I will probably level a few other jobs before the new expansion comes out!

Sunset Overdrive Gameplay

During the Steam sale, I picked up the PC port of Xbox One exclusive Sunset Overdrive, a sort of open-world game with bright, colorful graphics and a fun sort of punk theme. I played a little bit of it during my WoW exodus in December and had a great time, so I want to pick it up again and do some more story missions.

Wrestling – WWE Royal Rumble 2019 and NXT Takeover Phoenix

This weekend marks the start of the best time of year for wrestling fans – Wrestlemania season. The Royal Rumble, for those that don’t watch, is a 30-person battle royal with people introduced in “90 second” intervals (it’s story based, so the timer is not real) until everyone has entered the match. Starting with last year, there are now two of these matches, a men’s and women’s, and the winner of the match gets a title match at Wrestlemania, the biggest WWE event of the year. The show is usually fun to watch, and this year has a pretty stacked card with good Rumble matches and a strong complement of title matches to round it out. Accompanying the Royal Rumble is an NXT Takeover special. NXT is WWE’s developmental brand, a sort of on-the-job training for wrestlers who will eventually end up on the “main” shows. However, for most of its existence, NXT also tends to have the better wrestling and storylines of the two brands, as the weekly show is only 1 hour (compared to 3 hours for Raw and 2 hours for Smackdown on a weekly basis) and so everything tends to be very laser-focused and well built, with rotating storylines that ensure you don’t have much of a chance to get tired of seeing repetitive promos and matches, giving everything an air of freshness that the main shows don’t often have.

Other BfA Season 2 Gameplay

While Season 2 does not resolve many of the problems my review post for Season 1 described, it does at least push the gearing plateau further ahead, which means that for many of my alts, it will be possible to resume their gearing. On top of that, I have both war campaign continuations to play on my pair of 120 Demon Hunters, and I will likely level my Death Knight, who is already almost 113. I’ve been leveling alts lately with Azeroth Auto Pilot installed, which is a fantastic addon that auto-accepts quests without even showing quest text and gives you a step by step breakdown with navigation markers to speed through levelling as fast as possible. Currently, all my 110 alts are maxed out on rested experience and so I think it’s time to run through more of them!

Reading Before The Storm

I made a lucky discovery this weekend at my local library – a copy of the pre-BfA novel Before the Storm available for checkout! As a result, I can now read through it and get the full details rather than the summaries I’ve already read to get the bigger plot elements in order to really reinforce my wild speculative posts!


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