Weekly Hype Train Week of 3/19/2019!

It’s time for another weekly hype train!

FFXIV: JP Fan Fest and Shadowbringers Announcements, Leveling Samurai, Finishing Gearing Red Mage

This weekend marks the Japanese fan fest in Tokyo for FFXIV, the last stop on the PR tour of Shadowbringers news. Expectations are sky-high among FFXIV fans for what it will bring, as there is a lot of news still on the table – the zones we’ll be playing in, where those zones are, if their will be male Viera, what a Hrothgar is (an oopsie in a recent patch revealed a race identifier in the French client that we hadn’t heard of before), what our last jobs for Shadowbringers will be, a full trailer, a benchmark reveal, more gameplay details, and perhaps even more. There is so much to be excited about, and there are ideas about what might be, but so much we don’t know.

In-game, I’ve got some fun ahead of me with the final bits of red mage gearing (I need a better weapon!) and then to start leveling Samurai. After all of that, next week brings patch 4.56, which is the final story content for Stormblood and should further clarify where the story is heading for Shadowbringers!

WoW: Grinding Allied Race Unlocks, Continuing Heroic Battle of Dazar’Alor

Not much to say on the WoW front (although the March 21st Q&A might bring some liveliness to things!) but I’m planning to continue the slow and steady progress of the last 10k rep I need with both Proudmoore Admiralty and Zandalari Empire to get those last Allied Race unlocks. On the Heroic BoD front, I’m hoping the guild will be able to get down Conclave and move on to smashing face on Rastakhan!

When The Darkness Comes – An Interesting Experience

Last night, Steam told me about this free-to-play game called When the Darkness Comes. It looked somewhat interesting, so I downloaded it and started it. It is designed to be played in one sitting, so I messed up by starting close to bedtime, but it was a fascinating idea. Calling it a game is a stretch, as it readily admits – it calls itself an “experience” and I found it darkly interesting. The core of it is built around communicating the experience of depression, which is something I think a game can do far better than most other media – the interactivity adds layers to the experience that a movie or novel cannot. I will replay it, finish it all the way, and probably cut together a video essay around it, because I found the experience intriguing and it cut pretty close to some things that I think are worth talking about!

3D Printing – Still Troubleshooting

In the ongoing saga of me and my Ender 3, I need to continue to work out how to properly level the bed on the printer, as the filament continues to not stick and so I have yet to be able to print anything. It appears to be fixable and seems so far to just be learning curve for me, but it has been a smidge frustrating – mainly because the directions for leveling are somewhat vague (the nozzle should put light friction on a single sheet of paper, but not too much! HOW MUCH IS TOO MUCH!? ARRRGGHG) so that is where I am with that!


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