On The First Day of Blaugust, I Wrote About Writing

This year, I finally followed enough Blaugust participants back to pages describing the event that I ended up signed up for it!

So why Blaugust?

Well, one thing that I know about myself and blogging is that it tends to be spur of the moment. I will usually write a lot more about things that are happening right now and end up being something of a hot take machine for WoW and FFXIV because the immediate reaction to a story or event is something that fuels my writing.

As a result, my creative process tends to be very rapid-fire – while I currently have 12 drafts saved for various posts in my WordPress, most of those were one-off ideas and haven’t been touched since the initial burst of the idea – they just got too cold! I also tend to be eager to publish once the idea is down. I try to not make that obvious and do at least a couple of basic edit passes, but sometimes, it shows through a little bit!

For those reasons, along with having not read the descriptor for “Newbie” prior to enrolling, I am a Blaugust Newbie. Which is true, in a way – it is my first Blaugust! – but as my blog closes in on 3 years of age with steady growth, it’s also probably a little bit false.

August will, however, be a big month for my two main-play MMOs. WoW has the shadow of 8.2.5 looming, and today marks 3 months remaining before Blizzcon 2019. WoW Classic launches on 8/27/2019, and with it will likely come a fascinating blend of community reactions. Final Fantasy XIV is settling into the groove after the launch of the critically-acclaimed Shadowbringers expansion, but the Savage raid content is out now, and we have at least one Producer Live Letter that will bring about some news, although I expect we’ll be waiting for more details on 5.1 for a few weeks more.

In my personal life, August is going to be a pretty damn good month. With my workplace’s new fiscal year, I have a raise, which makes my finances pretty nice, and as I write this, I am eight days away from purchasing the plane tickets for my international journey in October that will take me from Reno to London, London to Rome, Rome to Tokyo, and then Tokyo to LA for Blizzcon 2019 (don’t expect much writing in this window!). Part of this is going to include a journey to the Final Fantasy XIV theme cafe in Akihabara, Eorzea Cafe!

But, first, August. In terms of writing this month, I have a pretty broad base of inspiration. My guild is currently 3/8 in Heroic Eternal Palace in WoW, and I’ve begun the process of leveling omnicrafting in FFXIV, the first post of which went up yesterday (and has surprisingly been one of the more contentious topics I’ve touched on!). WoW Classic is something I am following with a degree of nostalgia and a dash of schadenfreude, anticipating the change in tone from some voices in the community as Classic rolls forward. I may touch on one of my many WordPress drafts about non-gaming, as a post I wrote about the first show of All Elite Wrestling, Double or Nothing, has gained context in the time since I put the draft away and 8/31/2019 brings All Out, their biggest show prior to beginning weekly TV in October. Technology-wise, I have a lot to share about my first month using the Ryzen 9 3900X 12-core processor in my daily-driver gaming rig, along with maybe 1 or 2 tidbits to share about a very recent switch to a vertically-mounted graphics card.

On top of all of that, there are the previously-mentioned content updates for both WoW and FFXIV coming, and I’ll definitely be using Blaugust’s developer week to talk about Ghostcrawler, Yoshi P, and Ion Hazzikostas.

You can check out the other participants via the main post from Belghast here.

See you tomorrow for some 8.2.5 datamining!

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