WoW 9.0 Specific Leaks – An Analysis

Today, I saw two more interesting leaks pertaining specifically to WoW’s future as will be announced at Blizzcon.

Now, the obvious – leak is used loosely because there is no confirmation of validity. If any such confirmation does exist, I missed it while being out at Ueno Zoo here in Tokyo and getting engaged:)

With that said, let’s drop both leak images here and discuss!

Interestingly, both of these take a new tack for a leak – they’re both in the style of Blizzcon materials (the printed merchandise catalog and line marking standee, respectively). As far as these materials go, they both match the style to a tee. They’re impressive fakes, if so – no obvious defects in the materials appear to ruin the illusion. (We’ll discuss the content momentarily!)

The timing generally fits – both are large-scale print jobs Blizzard would outsource with time prior to Blizzcon, so I could conceive of such a leak happening via the third party.

As for the content? Well, it’s hard to say. The CG Bolvar is very well done and has new armor that adds a more Lich King vibe while still being Bolvar. The eye color is the only “slip” I’d call out, as having blue eyes under the Helm of Dominion is not a Bolvar thing. However, I could see a case for new lore – maybe the blue hue is symbolic of something. What that would be, I don’t know, but I could see a case for it!

Now, onto the standee art. This would be used to mark the beginning of an attendee demo line. For that purpose, this…works. It tells you what the demo contains well enough. Now, the content is worth questioning. What is Bastion? Is that what the art shows? It’s new in the WoW lore, so would enough context be provided for us prior to the demo? The logo looks great, but not much to say there. Who are the Kyrian – Google says either a Nigerian soccer player or a race from Star Trek, and I have reason to suspect neither applies here. Bragging about new abilities is odd for a demo from Blizzard…unless they are a core feature of the expansion in a new and interesting way.

Overall, I’m compelled to think there might be something to these leaks, but that is equally based on the idea that these leaked from outside Blizzard and that they paint a cool picture that I like. I want the Shadowlands, and the style of the art on the standee is awesome. Could these be fake? Definitely – and I wouldn’t bet on their validity either. Given all of that, I am actually fairly excited for what is to come at Blizzcon.

Either way, there’s not long to wait, and I go to the Eorzea Cafe in under two days (so I’ll have something else to write about!)

4 thoughts on “WoW 9.0 Specific Leaks – An Analysis

  1. None of this looks like WoW 🙂

    1. A crystal castle in an Arabia setting.
    2. The name Kyrian.
    3. The name Bastion.
    4. The Lich King’s eyes color blue.
    5. The most intricate and clever “discover new abilities” writing (sarcasm).

    It’s quite ridiculous actually, least believable of all “leaks”.


    1. The Bolvar image has been found on the official Blizzcon Gear store, which opened today, so like it or not, that part appears to be true.

      What’s it means and if that holds up for the standee remains to be seen, but I wouldnt base my bet on if it strictly matches the game setting’s current aesthetic. Mists was a mismatch in a lot of people’s eyes and the end product meshed WoW with eastern architecture very well. Something new and different in the setting could be cool.


      1. Bolvar is fine. From DK campaign in Legion we know that he’s not your sacrificial hero anymore, quite menacing and most likely to play his own game in Legion. So eye color may mean a character going all the way to evil.

        I’m not against Arabia wow-style (Vol’dun was a cool take on nomad part of it), but it’s as far from Death theme and Northrend as possible.


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