A Random Firing of Screenshots for IntiPiPoMo 2019, Which I’m Not Actively Participating In

In truth, I’ve been debating how to write a couple of upcoming posts and for the first time in a while, ended up in draft hell.

So since I uploaded these screenshots ages ago, I will post them now until I can figure out how to get a post about randomness split from a post about Titanforging and get both up!

Blanket warning – there will be FFXIV spoilers up through Shadowbringers in some of these!


The Vauthry arc in Shadowbringers was one of my favorite things about Shadowbringers. It has a real life depth that can be explored (how does a unilaterally shitty person become a ruler and stay in power?) but also has some of my favorite horrific reveals. Mount Gulg is one of my favorite dungeons for the back half alone and the architecture and styling, and the Innocence fight that effectively caps that saga is fun in EX and also has a very great art style and music (not really a surprise in FFXIV, but it ties together exceptionally well here). The first time through, I took a ton of screenshots!


The Tempest as a zone was a great surprise. Being my first time playing the expansion content in an FFXIV expansion when it was fresh and largely unspoiled, I had read the name (which, for those who don’t play FFXIV, was hidden in the game until first spoken in the story quests) and had this vision of a space-area, especially since the one screenshot I had seen was the area where you get the level 80 artifact armor, which included a map and looked kind of spacey at lower resolution and image compression. When I got there and had the sea theme, it was incredible enough, especially how they pulled it off, but then I was pushed to Amaurot, and it was probably my absolute favorite reveal of an endgame area ever. It was so amazing, in fact, that I didn’t have screenshots of it uploaded to my WP already because I was so enraptured with it and just playing.

But I have some now!


The finale to the 5.0 story of Shadowbringers has a ton of great shots too!


Lest you think I’ve given up on praising WoW’s art style, I haven’t! Even when the game is decidedly meh to me, the art team always nails it and Battle for Azeroth has not been an exception to this.


Lastly, bugs and glitches can sometimes create amazing screenshots worthy of sharing – like when my Druid took a flight path and spent most of it looking like the Mage Tower werebear form – which I absolutely love and have no complaints over!


See you soon with actual words!


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