The Shortest Actual Post I’ve Ever Written – The Datamined Cutscenes (Not Cinematics!) of 8.3

(Spoilers live here, so be warned!)

So Wowhead were very busy today while I was at work, and something amazing has happened – all the cutscenes for 8.3 are up!

Not cinematics, cutscenes.

At this point, we have every major moment we could have predicted in the patch unveiled – the peace treaty negotiations, done (the broadcast text with pissed off Tyrande and Horde council-style leadership were for them). The starting quests in both Uldum and Vale of Eternal Blossoms, done. Allied Race starting cutscenes, out. New DK starting cutscene, unveiled.

From earlier in PTR, we’ve also seen that the death of N’Zoth is (at least partially) handled via cutscene as well.

Where does that leave us?

Oh, the possibilities.

Two encrypted cinematics remain locked down firmly. Now, we have no idea, and with all of these cutscenes rolled out, all bets are off. My guesses would be pretty firmly this:

-One additional “ooh, N’Zoth is dead, Azeroth is saved!” which will probably use in-game models but with the better machinima quality of the end of Eternal Palace.

-One wildcard.

My guess for the wildcard, going off of my recent speculation post? Tyrande-related. She comes into the Alliance cutscene thirsting for blood, even using her Night Warrior power to darken the room (well, as much as WoW’s in-engine cutscenes allow). It would logically fit to see her try to exact the vengeance she wants on Sylvanas – she is, after all, known as a fierce hunter and with the Night Warrior powers on her side, she will be the most likely to be able to find Sylvanas.

Then, we get to see what happens when she gets there – that’s my guess, at least. If I had to bet money, I’m coming back to my speculation – she is going to die.

My hope is that we know tomorrow and the story direction into Shadowlands becomes much clearer. However, this may very well be a hiding plot element waiting for us to get closer to Shadowlands before Blizzard pulls the trigger on it.

Either way, something more to look forward to tomorrow!

One thought on “The Shortest Actual Post I’ve Ever Written – The Datamined Cutscenes (Not Cinematics!) of 8.3

  1. I think Tyrande is a Chekhov’s Gun – for now. My best guess is they save her for pre-patch events, or expansion opening scenario. Indeed she may be a catalyst, opening path to Shadowlands, or being the first one to go there, answering Sylvanas’ taunt, for us to follow. She may die as well or use Night Warrior powers to commune with Elune and go to Shadowlands. Point is, if Tyrande -> Sylvanas doubles Maiev -> Illidan pattern, it has to happen during the events of the next expansion.

    My guess for the hidden cinematic is solution for the sword of Sargeras 🙂 It is indeed an epic event worth being hidden till the last moment. Who knows, maybe it’s Azeroth the Titan being born? Both events could happen in course of a minute-long cinematic, and be epic AF.


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