Weekly Hype Train – Week of 2/18/2020!

Another week, another trip on the hype train!

N’Zoth The Corruptor – Again: So N’Zoth is definitely the hardest fight in Ny’alotha on Normal, and requires a degree of tight DPS checks that the other fights, even the supposed Patchwerk fight in Shad’har, don’t. It is a constant juggling of positioning for mechanics, fighting against debuff timers, managing Sanity, and maximizing damage dealt. That being said, my guild started getting reliably to the second mind phase, which means getting a second tank skilled up on the routes through the synapses to manage the add. My optimism is dulled a bit so I wouldn’t quite say I expect us to get it this week, but I do think that we’re getting closer to a breakthrough and I feel like if we can escape the second mind phase without a mind control or death, we’ll be near the end of Normal!

Horrific Visions: A post going up today as well will discuss this topic in more detail, but here’s the basics – my main has now completed a 5-chest and masked run, has two masks available, and with Gift of the Titans, has a good amount of the major progression through the Titanic Research tree done. Mask runs create interesting new challenges, and I really (REALLY) enjoy HVs – save for the horrendous gating.

FFXIV Patch 5.2: More Shadowbringers story content, and the trailer makes it look ridiculously fascinating with tons of story hooks, big moments, a new dungeon, new trial, 4 new Eden bosses, and a handful of quality of life changes and other various systems designed to suck you back in. It looks amazing, and the story hooks seem really, especially good – a proper and exciting MMO story in 2020, imagine! As I write this at work, I am salivating (metaphorically…for now) to get home and run the new MSQ chain!

Caucusing: As a Nevada resident, our caucus for the presidential nominee of the Democratic party is this week. We (luckily) have an early vote option for it this year, so rather than having to go to the elementary school down the street and stare down strangers about their choices, I can drop a ballot instead, which makes the process easier to participate in by a lot! I still expect it will be a clusterfuck after what happened with the Iowa caucus, but hopefully less so – and not being in a school for 8 hours on a Saturday will make it less annoying if it is!

Game Design: More work to put it on Ren’Py and building out a visual novel, but hopefully after being sidetracked due to illnesses over the last week, this project can get moving again!

Writing: On the site, I have the final part of my Shadowlands wishlist coming, a piece on Horrific Visions as mentioned above, this time with an eye towards Torghast in the future, some discussion of Ape Out, and more!


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