Weekly Hype Train Week of 3/10/2020

It’s time once again for a Weekly Hype Train!

Lately, I’ve been working on a few big posts and it has made my plan of daily posting fall off a cliff. My goals going forward are to wrap the big posts (one is drafted to go live tonight once I get some screenshots inserted!) and to finally push the third part of my Shadowlands wishlist post before the alpha un-encrypts and begins leaking data. Once those are done, I think I’ll have some things to discuss that are shorter-form, as I’ve actually been playing a lot of both WoW and FFXIV and have things to say!

But for now, let’s get hyped!

Heroic Ny’Alotha: Our second week saw us through to 7/12 with some clean kills on new bosses like Shad’har, Drest’agath, a clean one-pull this week on Hivemind after some week 1 struggles, and a two-pull kill on Ra’den, followed by a lot of wiping to Xanesh before a kill and a few pulls on Vexiona (Xanesh’s soccer game is much harder on Heroic!). My hope for this week is to see kills on Vexiona and Il’gynoth, which would push us towards N’Zoth and some sweet 470 gear (hopefully!)

Horrific Visions: I already have my rank 14 cloak upgrade, so this is the week I want to push to 5 masks. For this week already I did my 3 runs for quest items, all the while pushing a 4-mask full clear, so I think I have the sanity protection and the reduced corruption (this week’s upgrade nudged me below the eyeball level, so I am back to just occasional slows as my corruption negative) should help me clear. Coupled with the 465 bracer upgrade I got from my 4-mask run and hopefully some raid gear (Wrathion, give me your sword on heroic!), I think 5 masks is in reach. Just for fun, when doing the upgrades, I did a no-mask run through Orgrimmar and cleared the whole thing without using a single sanity orb. The increase in power and health from masks should mean that is less probable, but it gives me a lot of confidence for a 5 mask run!

Final Fantasy XIV – Ishgardian Restoration, Ruby Weapon EX, Continued Farming of Tomestones: Last night I did full Eden’s Verse runs plus a handful of roulettes to get my gear way up before my Free Company’s normal Ruby Weapon EX runs this weekend, pushing my White Mage to a respectable 479 item level. On top of that, with 5.21 out now, I can resume leveling crafters and gatherers through Ishgard, which I put a hold on myself so that I could refocus on combat jobs. I also purchased 3 job boosts (Bard, Machinist, and Black Mage) so I am looking for which one I want to learn and level from 70-80 first. It has been very enjoyable to come into FFXIV again after taking a little break (unintentionally) after 5.1 content, and it ends up usually being later in the evening, a sort of treat/dessert after the chores and maintenance of WoW – which, while I am still enjoying some of my time in the game, is again feeling a bit tedious with the grind to do the Vision content I do really enjoy. Nothing in FFXIV has that feeling for me yet and a large part of it is the amount of choices available to me – I can level any number of jobs, play a variety of endgame content and choose to chase my Allegory tomestone cap as early in the week as I want (or my Eden’s Verse gear token drops, for that matter), and there are still large swaths of the game I haven’t even explored!

WWE Ruthless Aggression Era Docuseries: WWE’s revisionist history documentaries are always a bit bad (they, as the sole survivors of many eras of pro wrestling, get to say whatever they like about how great they were even in times like the Monday Night Wars where they absolutely were not for most of it!) but it is often entertainingly bad, and the newest series about the Ruthless Aggression era (what followed the buyout of WCW and ECW and the end of the Attitude era and the zenith of wrestling in the late nineties/early 00’s) has a lot of that. Everything from claiming that the renaming to WWE was their idea all along (never mind the publicly documented lawsuit with the World Wildlife Fund!) to other various lofty claims, it sounds like the kind of aggrandizement that I enjoy watching and laughing at!

That wraps for this week, and hopefully, more to come!


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