Weekly Hype Train – Week of 5/26/2020!

Another week, another one of these! Maybe a bit briefer than before, but still here!

WoW – Maintenance: Simple week – mount farming targeting Blackrock Foundry and Hellfire Citadel, and that is about it! Debating getting an alt with the cape into some visions – I have my priest and hunter both sitting around rank 8-9, so it might be fun to try!

FFXIV – Ishgardian Restoration, Blue Mage Leveling, Irregular Tomestone Farms: With all my normal combat jobs at 80, attention shifts to other activities and being able to partake in something resembling the full and actual endgame of FFXIV! So far, that has meant doing a lot of tradeskill leveling via Ishgardian Restoration (every crafter is at least 60 with Alchemy at 80, and all my gatherers are at at least 71 with Miner at 80), doing hunts (finally got into them and did all the unlock quests), and focusing on new goals – right now, that being the Sheep mount from Ishgardian Restoration, getting the EX primal mounts from the current Irregular Tomestone event, and getting all my combat jobs geared to at least item level 480 (which, right now, just needs Samurai, Dragoon, and Monk to get there!). Last week I picked up both the Ufiti mount from Ishgard Resto (a big gorilla who holds you in his hand!) and the Ixion mount thanks to Irregular Tomestones. Right now, the attainment of goals in the game is very satisfying and definitely scratching that goal-oriented itch for me.

Learning More Blender: I spent a good few hours yesterday working in Blender again, learning how to use its text tools, convert bezier curves and objects into meshes, fix those meshes, apply displacement maps, subdivide surfaces to increase detail, dial it back once your render occupies all 32 GB of RAM you have in your system and crashes, and then to render all that work into a 10 second 4k60 video clip! There is still more learning to do, but I’m happy with my progress as a digital artist, and I hope to share the results of that work soonish…

For the upcoming week, outside of continuing on the above, I’m hoping to make some more progress in a few games outside of my MMO space, like Disco Elysium and Tonight We Riot, and to perhaps start a full trilogy replay of Starcraft II, since I never finished Legacy of the Void and I really enjoyed the story of the first two chapters as I went though!


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