Weekly Hype Train Week of 6/17/2020!

A short one for this week, and unlike other posts where I say they are short and they don’t end up being short, this one actually will be short!

FFXIV – Blue Mage Leveling and Spell Grinding: With all main jobs, combat and non-combat at 80, it was time to focus in on the last job I have to level – Blue Mage! BLU is fun, but it has a very different flow to it. Because it is designed to be sort of weird and as a solo-friendly job, you get a lot of different tweaks to the gameplay flow of FFXIV. For one, you can’t queue up for Roulettes for experience, meaning dungeons are off-limits unless you build your own group, or go in unsynced and unable to gain experience as a result. However, this is offset by their kill rate with open world mobs being very high, especially with smart ability selection. If you learn 1000 Needles as soon as possible, you can one-shot a lot of things. Once you learn Mind Blast, you get a fast, decent potency AoE for larger pulls. Using Mind Blast, Bomb Toss, and Acorn Bomb together gives you the means to do a lot of damage quickly and to keep enemies controlled so as to reduce incoming damage.

It has been fun so far, although a point of frustration is the dungeon requirements for some abilities to level. Finding a group for BLU grinding isn’t necessarily hard, but if you play at weird hours, it can be a challenge. I’m currently at 51 and still needing to run Aurum Vale to get Glower to continue the quests, and I expect this week that I will at least hit 60 for BLU max and then try to zero in on filling out the spellbook.

Battlefield V is…A Thing?: It was cheap, so I picked up Battlefield V to try, and I’ve enjoyed the gameplay so far. It definitely has a lot of graphical fidelity, but it runs pretty well on my PC (which, I mean, is not a surprise but yeah). I’ll probably dabble with this one a little bit more!

WoW: Mount Farming: Still no luck on my WoD raid mounts, but working on it and I will likely start cycling more characters in here because once I get those, I’ll probably start targeting other missing mounts like Al’ar!

That is about it this week! Working on a few posts for this week including the last addendums to last week’s leveling and starting experience post, and some Shadowlands content feedback!

One thought on “Weekly Hype Train Week of 6/17/2020!

  1. Out of contrariness I did manage to level BLU to 60 and finish the level 60 class fight (forget his name) without ever using a group. Also because I only play my BLU at hours like 3 AM so I kinda had no choice. If you level up to 60 first you can solo Aurum Vale for Glower and most of the other instances (not the Trials though) for most of the spells. I equipped the level 60 Shire gear which was pretty effective. Luckily, BlU’s weapon (only available through the job quests) is irrelevant, being nothing but a glamour stick, or this would never have worked. Was kind of fun and I do like the weekly challenges.

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