6 thoughts on “Runecarving, Professions, and Undeserved Scares About Shadowlands Professions

  1. I love fishing in MMOs. Lots. WoW’s version is a mix of conveyor belt for food + grind + ultra long/hidden quests. It feels like every step you take along the path has some purpose. And I can fish almost anywhere – don’t have to fly for 20 minutes for the next site. It’s like an icecream sundae – great from start to end.

    Archeology, or Path of the Titans 2.0, feels like what happens when you leave the above sundae behind the fridge for a couple months an then go, “oh yeah, there’s a sundae!”. If ever there was a piece of WoW that could be designed by players, it would be this thing. Send Red Shirt Guy the request and you’d get a damn fine system of integrated lore/storyline.

    I’ve derailed your post, but ARGGH, archeology just screams lost opportunity.

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  2. How it is an undeserved scare if the whole thing has been getting worse over the years and people were just expecting it to not become better? :trollface:

    Seriously though, thanks for this overview, I hadn’t read anything about professions yet, this sounds not bad at all.

    @Asmiroth I hate Fishing in WoW and I’ve never hated Archaeology, I just didn’t enjoy it a lot, but I actually like the mechanics more than Fishing… people are different 😉

    Also the only reason why I have Fishing on a lot more chars is exactly the fact that I need something from it for Cooking, or it just goes easy enough with the Darkmoon Faire.. but in all my years I’ve never said “I am in the mood for Fishing”, more like “I want to max it on one char per expansion and today I will just get a part of it done…”

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    1. If I’m being frank, I wrote this initially as a response post to someone who clearly read and understood maybe half of the available data, extrapolated in a negative but provably wrong direction, and then presented it as fact – but I couldn’t walk the tightrope of writing it that way without being too snarky, so I reigned it in and left the title alone. 🙂

      To join the fishing debate – it’s okay. I like it better than FFXIV fishing (since you have to have bait per region and level bracket in that game) but it also isn’t something that engages me a lot, but I have leveled it on like 4 characters, so there are times where the fancy strikes!


  3. I’m not getting my hopes up for professions. I thought they would be better in BfA than they were in a Legion and it was more than a bit of a let down for me when early on I computed I would need to run LFR hundreds of times to gather soul bound materials. I hope they figure it out and it is worthwhile, but I’m of a mind that I will believe it when it goes live


  4. Interesting news on Archaeology. TBH it’s not a good match to the lore of the new zones. I mean, there’s history in heaven / hell? I thought they were timeless. The fact that they’re not totally removing it maybe indicates that they just decided not to try to write themselves into a corner here, and take a mulligan.

    Consumable crafting – inscription, alchemy, gemcrafting, enchanting, etc – seems to be taking it in the shorts. Maybe it’s too soon to call, but things like the steady erosion of Inscription really make it uncomfortable. Are they coming for jewelcrafting or enchanting next? Enquiring Gnomes want to Mine!


    1. I agree, afterlife creatures would be weird to accumulate cultural layers, so totally justified lorewise. As for developers, I’d greet them to take a break and update the whole system in something less grindy for the next expansion.


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