Post Move, A Few Quick Thoughts

Finally at a point of decent progress with the move into a new apartment, I thought I’d drop in to say hello!

Firstly, let it be said that moving requires a certain amount of preparation, and I, foolishly, lived my life as normal with only minimal packing and preparation until our last full day at the prior apartment, as did my fiancee. As a result, on Saturday, our last day at the old apartment, it took 13 hours of continuous moving, and as we moved out of an upstairs apartment…yikes! I am, to put it mildly, beaten up, but we managed to pack, move, and clean the old place, and have made good unpacking progress in the last day.

Secondly, my new place includes fiber internet as a part of the rent, and…it’s actually good?

For contrast, the internet we paid for at the old place was 400 Mbps down/20 Mbps up!

Thirdly, living with my almost sister-in-law and fiancee for 3 years in one large apartment made downsizing a lot harder than I expected. In theory, getting around 700 square feet to just two of us instead of 1,100ish shared between 3 people felt like it would end up being an upgrade, especially since the kitchen in the new place was a downsize, but…in the end, unpacking feels like it might be daunting as we get to the tail end. It has gone well enough so far, however!

Fourth – my collectibles are a bit of a pain to move, who could have thought! Getting Ragnaros from the 15th Anniversary WoW CE here was a hassle, and I forgot my shirt from the very first Blizzcon, which was on my wall (luckily the maintenance staff at the old place grabbed it and have held on to it for me!).

Overall, as a result, I’ve barely done any gaming, much less MMO gaming, much less bloggable gaming, since the move, unless you count cycling roulettes and retainer ventures in FFXIV, and doing world quests in live WoW on my paladin (a thing which I will write about soon, although the gameplay these past few days has just been basic WQ play).

Also: if your body aches while moving, bouncing a subwoofer off of your foot will provide a shot of adrenaline and a focus point that will remove the thought of your regular aches from your mind and only has a slight risk of breaking a bone in your foot! (I did indeed do the subwoofer bouncing, and thankfully not the bonebreaking!)

Anyways, I should be back tomorrow, and while I’m not participating in Belghast’s Promptapalooza, I might very well have a daily post anyways for a while because it seems the next month is going to be stuffed full of MMO news between Shadowlands beta developments and the 8/11/2020 launch of FFXIV patch 5.3, Reflections in Crystal!


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