Shadowlands So Far In An Extremely Short Post

It’s a pretty good leveling experience. My server hasn’t had major lag, disconnects, or queues, and when guildies even wave in the direction of such an issue, they seem to be the only ones having them.

There are a lot of cutscenes that were hidden on beta. So many cutscenes! The game feels very cinematic for the first time ever, in that you rarely go more than a quest or two without some sort of spoken, voice acted dialogue or a brief interlude. While the core beats from Beta remain, there is a lot more meat on the bones, and that is good.

I’ve finished all of Bastion so far and am level 55 on my Holy Paladin. I’ll be leveling her and running some dungeons/world quests for gear, and then trying the new alt leveling method on my Demon Hunter. It is nice to have new content!

Also, personal updates – new computer build purchases begin in earnest and I got some excellent news on my longer-term financial outlook. I’ve started to finalize part selections for that system so I can buy what is in stock and then begin the hunt for my chosen CPU and GPU. I’ll write this up in tons more detail soon.

Enjoy your week, especially a safe Thanksgiving to those here in the US (in case I somehow don’t appear later this week) and have some screenshots!

2 thoughts on “Shadowlands So Far In An Extremely Short Post

  1. I want to take a brief moment to say something nice.

    Sorry, should have asked you to sit first.

    Anyway. Yesterday was possibly the smoothest, least turbulent expansion rollout I have seen to date from Blizz. Me and my guildies were all confused because we were able to log in before it actually went live, and we were “well this is awkward”. And then it went live with no transition, just a talking head popped up and we were off to the races.

    Now, they did manage to break, oh, ALL of the addons in the pre-patch, BUT, I don’t hold that against the Live Team.

    Hm, I wonder if there’s a turnover from the BfA Live Team to the SL Live Team. One of those bazillion things associated with such a huge project that you just don’t hear about.

    Anyway, I’m a few quests into Bastion and haven’t slapped any of the cultists silly quite yet, so go me.

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