Twisting Corridors Complete! Post Still To Come

Tonight, I finally did it.

Layer 8 down, all solo, all the way, got my Corridor Creeper mount and now the Maw is mine for the taking.

It is late here, so I am not going to fire off a full post immediately. Instead, I’ll let it marinate while I sleep and then share some thoughts about the process.

My list of things I want to accomplish in the game before 9.1 is growing perilously short…


One thought on “Twisting Corridors Complete! Post Still To Come

  1. Gratz! I can’t imagine how people do it. My personal achievement is layer 1 with elemental shaman 197 (final boss – barely), and that would be it. Of course, there was a hunter video where he completed layer 8 naked – only trinkets and weapon 🙂


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