My Endwalker Goals Realized – Mostly, Sort Of

I’ve made two posts in the last several months documenting a set of goals and my progress towards them as we get closer to the launch of Endwalker.

At this moment, we are less than 48 hours away from all-day maintenance in preparation for Early Access to the expansion, so now is the time to check in and see how I did!

Gear Up Level 70 Sets for Sage and Reaper: Done!

Full Augmented Scaevan sets for both jobs ready and waiting. This one was pretty easy, as while the belt was the lowest tomestone cost of the left-side armor slots, dropping it meant saving nearly 800 Poetics, reducing the farming time drastically.

5 Million Gil in Seed Money for Endwalker: Not Yet, but Still Possible

Here’s a screenshot of my Gil after checking my market board sales this morning:

Ironically, about 3 million of that is from the last 3 days, as after I wrote that you shouldn’t be in a rush to liquidate gathered materials but should check prices, I checked prices and well, it was pretty easy to decide that getting some space back was worth the money. A surprise find – the Well Bread emote book from Ishgard Restoration, which was selling at 100 gil on the MB during the peak of 5.2/5.3-era Shadowbringers, now sells for near 100,000 Gil on Gilgamesh. I had 10 such books stashed to sell. One-third of my profit in the last 3 days is from a single emote that was basically trash thrown at me for turn-in prizes. I have around another 500k gil in market board listings now, so if they fully clear, I’ll be really damn close to my goal. If I bust out a handful of challenge log stuff in the next day and a half, I think I can close in on my stated goal, or at least be so close to feel like I got it done.

Clean Bags and Retainers: Actually Did It!

So it’s not 100% perfectly clean and clear, but I struck a balance on keeping some things that might end up being useful while clearing out a lot of stuff and setting myself on a path for success where my bags won’t immediately fill up. My retainers are down to around half-empty (and they’ll get more space when HQ mats turn NQ on Friday!), my Chocobo Saddlebag is almost completely empty, my Inventory is down to rank 7 and 8 Materia for melding and Well-Fed foods for EXP bonuses while leveling, and my Armory Chest is peeled down to essentials. The progress has been solid, aided by a few upgrades to gear and the sale of a lot of Shadowbringers materials to bring in that extra cash.

Aetheryte Tickets: Not Even Close

I used my last Aetheryte ticket this week. I have no more. Oops.

Retainer Ventures: Could Be Better

I have 129 Ventures at present, which is sufficient to start getting those levels up and bring in some materials, but not amazing. My hope is that a few roulettes in the coming days will get me some gear to turn in for tokens (after getting the Gil for the desynthesis challenge log entry from a few pieces), but I expect that I’ll be able to replenish that stockpile easily as I will be very actively playing and running through the early gear rewards that I won’t need. Speaking of…

Gear Jobs to Around 510 Item Level: Mostly Done!

Crafting and Gathering are best in the high 400s because the Aesthete’s set is better than the scrip set, and the item level of even the scrip set is pretty low, so those jobs are fine where they are. On the combat side, I did get most jobs right around 510. I have a few outliers around 505 and my main play jobs of present (White Mage and Gunbreaker) are both near 520, so I feel good about the progress here. I have a stockpile of Eulmoran Certificates of Import to flip for Augmented Exarchic gear when the Crystalline Rain goes on sale for Poetics instead of Allegory, so on Friday I expect that I can push my low jobs to the 510 mark anyways!

Here’s my current state of affairs on item level (also, obviously Blue Mage cannot be at 510 with a level cap of 70, and I’m only level 63 on BLU as-is):

Finishing Shadowbringers Recipes/Regional Folklore for Gathering: Done!

Easy enough, got the books I needed and started piling in the old ones just for the hell of it.

Bozja and a Resistance Weapon: Haha fuck no

I got tired of Bozja again. I did enough Castrum Lacus Litore and Delubrum Reginae to get my WHM relic to the next phase, but it’s too much of a drag for me and it is too late now to worry about it. I am debating just getting the Augmented Exarchic WHM weapon to round things out, but at the same time, I know the stage I’m on now is decently powerful and I’ll be replacing it with the Artifact weapon at level 90 in less than a week, so the grind ain’t worth it for me. This is the one place where my alt jobs have a leg up, as many of them have Augmented Exarchic weapons at 520!

The Plan For Endwalker Launch

So the last time I wrote about goals and plans, I was super set on leveling Sage to start and putting the MSQ on-hold for that. At the time, we didn’t have a launch trailer, the juicy speculation from it, or anything else.

Well, since that last post, the launch trailer did come out, and….uh, folks, I need to see the MSQ first.

So I’ve decided, pretty well locked in at this point, that I will be sticking with White Mage for the opening days of the Endwalker experience. The MSQ is what I am most curious about and I feel like once I have completed that and am awed by it (hopefully!), that I’ll feel more up to the challenge of running through alt jobs and new jobs without feeling a pressure to rush ahead in order to keep with my friends (even the slow, take-it-all-in type who will be leveling for a week).

The challenge I have now is what that means for alt jobs, because while I am inclined to think I’ll level Sage second, I feel like it makes a certain amount of sense to get a tank job leveled next, then work through each role after with one current job I already have at 80, and then to finally move to the new jobs. I do enjoy White Mage gameplay and I don’t regret this decision, but I might be in a hurry to move through jobs this time more than before, especially since I have everything leveled now and unlike Shadowbringers, I have a veritable buffet of choices in front of me to take on the 10-level journey.

I’m also debating if I stream my experience with the story, but I think that might be a challenge to how I play and I might find it better to record and edit or to simply play it for myself and then stream early endgame play in the expansion.

Either way, my rough plans in place and many of my goals met, I’m happy with where I am going into Endwalker and now all that’s left to do is to wait!


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