Kicking Off Dragonflight Season 2 The Right Way – With a Charity Drive!

I’ve been cooking some posts in the drafts, but with season 2 of Dragonflight set to launch today, I decided to commemorate the occasion with a fun stream event!

Today, about 12 hours after this goes live, at 3 PM Pacific Daylight Time, I will start a 12 hour Mythic Plus marathon stream, with Twitch Charity turned on and all proceeds benefitting the Autism Society of America. I’ve crafted some donation incentives to make the process painful (for me) and enjoyable to watch (for you) and set some goals to try and meet. So if you want to stop by, help build support for people on the spectrum here in the US, and watch me mangle my way through the first week of my turbo-KSH push (and alt play too!) then stop on by – I’d be happy to say hello and suffer for a good cause!


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