Weekly Hype Train Week of 1/29/2019!

Battle of Dazar’Alor Week 2

Last week, my guild went 5/9 in Normal mode and had a blast with the new fights. I am eagerly anticipating how this week will go, as we had some decent attempts on King Rastakhan and I expect we’ll be able to get him down this week and move to the last wing!

Final Fantasy XIV – Alternate Job Leveling

One of the advantages to the FFXIV systems is that one character can do every role – every class, job, and profession. While I’ve been playing the game on and off for around four years now, I have not ever leveled more than one job to cap – starting with White Mage in A Realm Reborn and moving to the more fun Astrologian job that was added in Heavensward, which I’ve played ever since and was my main job for both Heavensward and Stormblood. With two months before the next story content, and my Astrologian set squared away for gear to enter the new expansion over the summer, I’ve been going back to level all the other jobs. I got Arcanist to 30, which allowed me to unlock both Summoner, a fun DPS job, and Scholar, the last healer job I hadn’t leveled. I’ve been playing Marauder the last few days to level a tank, which has included my first foray into tanking dungeons in the game, which is a similar but also wildly different experience to WoW tanking. Once I have Marauder at 30, I unlock the job Warrior, which enhances Marauder (the class/job system for the original jobs is really confusing to explain to a new player haha). Once I’ve done that, I’m going to level the other tank class, Gladiator, and then run through the remaining DPS I have to level. I’m likely to only cap one or two additional jobs prior to Shadowbringers launching, but hey! Better than just having one!

FFXIV Fan Fest EU – More Shadowbringers News

A last FFXIV item, the EU Fan Fest is this weekend, and with it will come a large panel to open the show with what will likely be a ton of information on the Shadowbringers expansion. For those used to the WoW hype cycle, FFXIV is very secretive about these things, with every trailer dropped being full of easter eggs that can reveal details without saying anything. There’s also no real equivalent to PTR/beta testing with any of their content, which is crazy in that it usually ships in relatively good shape – there have been bugs but it is exceedingly rare that the game is completely broken by a new patch or expansion. As a result, since no datamining can be done in the way we do on WoW, events like this attract a lot of attention because they are often the first times we see or hear any new information about the game and it allows the team to craft the delivery for maximum effectiveness. Which works, because now that I’ve finished the story to date and am waiting for the final Stormblood chapter in March, I am impatiently reading every fan theory that pops up on the subreddit for the game!

Yakuza 0 – Minigame And Sidequest Time

When I played through Yakuza 0 recently, I basically beelined through the main plotline, doing only a few side stories and minigames, but the majority of the best stuff in the game is contained in these bits of content (and something like 80% of the actual completion score of the game!). I’m debating biting the bullet and jumping into a new game plus to go right for the side stories and really dig into the weird and quirky parts of the game!


4 thoughts on “Weekly Hype Train Week of 1/29/2019!

  1. I had a great time in the new raid yesterday. 🙂 it’s been a while since I looked forward to a raid but I felt as if Uldir just came out of nowhere, story wise. This new place seems a lot more connected! 🙂

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