A Random Set of 1 AM Musings About The Upcoming Shadowlands Stream and Blizzcon 2020 Cancellation

I’m a night owl and can’t help it.

I’ve aimed to do one creative thing a day as of late, and when that isn’t animating in Blender for video projects (spoiled my own reveal), creating models, or working on ideas for the game my fiancee and I are working on, that means writing. Not to imply this is last place – certainly it is not – but if I struggled with a goal on the others, I find myself gravitating towards writing.

Let’s start with Blizzard stuff as of late – there’s no Blizzcon 2020 anymore. Not really a surprise, and definitely the right call in the face of the unknown we all find ourselves in, so it was really just a matter of time for Blizzard to officially make that realization out loud. Thinking of the trip that would have been, I would have had fun, but as I mentioned in a comment on Wilhelm Arcturus’ post on the matter, I also think that it was the right move both for health and safety and also because it just seemed like it wasn’t going to have much given the state of the games under Blizzard’s watch. Overwatch 2 is still plodding through development, as is Diablo IV. Starcraft II is functionally dead outside of eSports (a section which has been downsized as Overwatch has conquered the world). Heroes of the Storm is dead in all but name. Hearthstone announcements, while good, are the least “hype” of anything Blizzard can announce, just down to the nature of the beast. Shadowlands is likely to launch in late 2020, with my guess now being December, and so the rumored late October Blizzcon dates, or even early November, either way would leave no real predictable announcement. Now, that’s not to say that they couldn’t have taken us on an unexpected Odyssey, but in all likelihood, it was going to be a very maintenance year, as even-year Blizzcon has been for a while now.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t news, and the team has confirmed a livestream event on June 9th to show off as-yet-unseen Shadowlands content. I can smell a Blizzard launch date announcement a mile away, and I am willing to stake that on a bet that this is to announce the actual retail date for the expansion, hopefully alongside details of a physical Collector’s Edition, and with a release date in early December (if I was a betting man). As for the unseen content, well, that is a bit trickier – to Blizzard, something being on Alpha doesn’t mean it is “seen” by their standards unless they blog about it or publish something on it, so I expect it could be mildly deflating for someone like me (showing content I’ve already eagerly been consuming secondhand via Wowhead and MMO-Champion) or it could be some sort of genuine new thing – showing off the Castle Nathria raid, maybe a Covenant Sanctum, or perhaps the pre-patch event? I’m excited for this either way!


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