Shadowlands Release Date

This is going to be really short!

Today’s Gamescom announcement indeed carried a release date for Shadowlands, 10/27/2020, with a global simultaneous launch once again like Battle for Azeroth. With that, us here in the US get access on 10/26/2020 in the afternoon/evening, with most of Europe gaining access past midnight on 10/27 and most of Asia gaining access slightly later on 10/27 based on time zone.

News we are still waiting on: a prepatch launch date. Given that, current beta adjustments seem likely to make it live, as most of the tweaks we’ve seen lately have been adjustments to covenant abilities and some class balancing.

I suppose I should log into beta and see the changes since last I played!

2 thoughts on “Shadowlands Release Date

  1. I’m thinking the prepatch will be four weeks from now, ish, whatever the closest Tuesday is. I don’t remember how much time we had in the last prepatch but I know I ran out of things to do.

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