Blaugust 2021 – Getting To Know You Round 2, My “Office” and Items On Display

For today’s Getting to Know You theme post, I decided to take a different (and much less emotional!) approach compared to my prior post, by showcasing my office at my new home and the items I have on display in detail. This post is almost all photos, just as a head’s up!

Firstly, the big overview:

This is with maximum stream lighting on. While I haven’t done a stream from here yet, I’ve been working to get it set up so I can, and a big part of that has been testing the lighting and on-camera appearance of things and making adjustments to get stuff into line. Purple and gold are theme colors, after I redid my PC in January of this year to a “Shadowbringers” FFXIV theme with purple lighting, purple cooling liquid, and gold fittings and accents. That (and visibility/a satisfying amount of light for a bokeh effect on-camera) is why I have accent lighting around my office in warm yellow and golden hues – it pulls everything together to the theme!

But, I want to take a big look in a post full of photos to showcase all the items on display! So, let’s start at my desk and work our way around the room clockwise!

The items immediately under my monitor are some fun little trinkets to bring some life to it. From left to right and back to front, I have: a Mega Blox WoW treasure chest, two AEW title belt pins (the TNT and World Heavyweight Championship), the FFXIV card deck that came with the Shadowbringers CE, a Collector’s Edition Heart of Azeroth pin from Blizzcon 2018 or 19, can’t remember which, my stamp card from the Eorzea Cafe in Akihabara, the Doomhammer token from WoW Monopoly, two New Japan Pro Wrestling title belt pins (the IWGP Heavyweight Championship and Intercontinental Championship), the two-sided faction “coin” from the BfA collector’s edition, 5 job pins from FFXIV I bought at the Eorzea Cafe, and the Gamers Nexus bar runner (they’re an excellent techie YouTube channel that does deep-dives on hardware).

Before looking at the wall behind my desk, one other item…

It’s a meme mug, a memug. Also, have you heard of the critically acclaimed….

Behind my desk then, some wall art!

The first print on the left is a cast shot of Rocko’s Modern Life, signed by creator Joe Murray. I also have hand-drawn character sketches from him that we still haven’t unpacked, which I picked up as a bundle back in 2013 from him. I really enjoyed Rocko as a child and it’s fun how much of it is still funny as an adult. Centered, I have the Blizzcon messenger bag from (I think) 2013, and to the right, a limited print they ran at Blizzcon 2017 of the BfA key art.

Random goodies at the top of my first case – the Solider: 76 statue box from the Overwatch CE, a limited run of the card game Bang! in a bullet-shaped case, the box to my iPad Pro, the dubstep gun from Saint’s Row IV, and a Pokemon mini we got from a gatchapon vendor at Yodobashi Camera in Tokyo.

The photo cuts off some of this shelf, but there is a little tiki totem my parents got in Maui, a schedule/program from the first Blizzcon in 2005, the CE boxes to Soul Calibur IV and V, the box to my Ryzen 5900X, a drawstring Switch bag I got for the Diablo III Switch version at Blizzcon, a Sonic bobblehead, and a deck of Blizzard playing cards from the first Blizzcon in 2005.

This one – the box to the Soulstone from the Diablo III CE (it has a USB drive that has Diablo I and II on it!), the box to my NVME PCIE Gen 4 drive, the Mur’ghoul Funko that was given out at Blizzcon 2013, the box to my Galaxy S21 Ultra and Galaxy Watch 3, the WoW 15th Anniversary CE mousepad, the empty Health and Mana potion energy drink bottles, the manga adaptation of Steve Job’s autobiography, another Maui totem from my parents (this one is twerking and has a giant ass carved into it, haha), and the Blizzcon 2016 schedule/map.

This one has the artbook to GTA IV from that game’s CE, the Shadowlands mousepad from that CE, a God of War III artbook, my old Asus Xonar sound card (I just think it looks cool), the Bioshock 2 CE box, an Alliance etched mug from a guildie with an Azem stone sticker from FFXIV in it, and my box from Pokemon Sword.

Easy to explain – two Blizzard-official steins, one I bought and one from Blizzcon 2016’s goodie bag, and the box that included the very-lackluster Blizzcon 2018 goodie bag.

The top of my center shelves, which features every WoW CE box except Vanilla, both Diablo III CE boxes, the grunt/solider statues from Blizzcon 2019, Ragnaros from the WoW 15th Anniversary CE, mean Diablo from Blizzcon 2018, cute Diablo from Blizzcon 2014, I think, two Portal turrets, the pocketwatch from the Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII CE, the USB dogtag from the Starcraft II Wings of Liberty CE, a bottle of WoW Thunderbrew Anniversary Ale from Blizzcon 2014 and a bottle of Rogue brewing’s Voodoo Doughnut bacon-maple ale, the coasters I got at Eorzea Cafe in Tokyo back in 2019, the disassembled cooler to my RTX 3080, and a fancy set of chopsticks I got for being a part of the registration team for Fanimecon 2017. Above the window, a collectible scarf from PAX East 2012 and a latex replica of Frostmourne.

5 items here – the book from the Star Wars: The Old Republic CE, a WoW bookmark, a disassembled Wraith Prism Ryzen cooler, my wife’s old and busted Ryzen 3 2200G, and a Dreamcast.

This shelf has an artbook from the WoW trading ard game (remember that?), the 2016 Blizzcon goodie box, and a CD collection of Evangelion music played by a wind symphony group I picked up in Tokyo at one of the shops in Akihabara on my first visit in 2014.

The hilt of a Sith lightsaber from Disneyland, the Starcraft II Wings of Liberty CE box, and the Terran Marine Noobz figure they gave out at Blizzcon 2009.

My WoW 15th Anniversary server blade, the Lich King Cute but Deadly from Blizzcon 2014, a Lich King crown from Blizzcon…2009, I think, and the Covenant pins from the Shadowlands CE.

A light-up USB charger modeled after the Warglaives of Azzinoth, a bottle of limited run Ace Blackjack cider, Bart from Simpsons when he did ballet, two Blizzard anniversary mugs from beer in the Blizzcon courtyard in different years (Blizzard 25th/Diablo 20 from I think 2016, while the WoW 15/Warcraft 25 was from 2019, and Pandora’s Box from the God of War III CE.

A limited Pacific Rim blu-ray case, the Starcraft II: Heart of the Swarm CE box, the Diablo III CE skull/USB soulstone with Diablo I and II on the soulstone, and one of the boxes to my current system’s G Skill TridentZ Royal memory, which was a fancy case that included a microfiber cloth to wipe fingerprints off the gold (how bougie!).

The full Avengers first phase MCU movies on Bluray in their special case, the statue from the Shadowbringers CE for FFXIV, the FFXIV v1.0 CE box, and the limited edition Final Fantasy XV PS4 steelbook case.

Another Blizzard mug (this time showing the Diablo 20th Anniversay logo), my high school diploma, some WoW Mega Blox, my wife’s old Dell graphics card disassembled, a photo of me at the Wowhead Blizzcon party in 2016, and a small Portal gun.

A Captain America piggy bank, the Ragnaros Noobz figure, a bottle of Salted Caramel Pepsi from Japan, the rubber wristlet from Ditchcon 2016, the Starcraft II Legacy of the Void CE box, and the Cute But Deadly Nova figure, alongside a second lightsaber hilt.

A random dragon statue someone got for me at a flea market, the full Matrix movie collection on Bluray (including the Animatrix and some behind the scenes stuff), Songbird from the Bioshock Infinite CE, and a Lich King Mega Blox.

This one is where most of my WoW Mega Blox go to die, alongside a Raphael TMNT figure, the artbook for Shadowlands, the FigurePrint of my original WoW raiding main circa MoP (in the full Asian-style cloth armor with the Sha-touched staff), and the statue of Johnny Gat from the Saint’s Row IV CE.

A constellation PIN from the Convocation of Fourteen in FFXIV, a broken Big Daddy from the original Bioshock CE, the Tarantino XX 20th Anniversary box set of his movies on Bluray, a nuclear launch button from the Saint’s Row IV CE, the motherboard and GPU cooler from my wife’s old shitty Dell, a bunch of metal WWE wrestler figures (with a dollar-store plastic Undertaker), and a gold-plated Togepi card from when I was like 14 and Burger King was selling Pokemon gold cards during a kid’s meal promotion of some sort.

The Guild Wars shelf, featuring the original and GW 2 collector’s edition boxes and the Char statue from the GW2 CE, albeit with broken sword.

The Shadowbringers CE box and the statue that came with the Halo Reach CE.

The Overwatch CE box, a Cute But Deadly Hanzo figure, a Linus Tech Tips sticker, an Overwatch decal, a Las Vegas shotglass full of watercooling fitting plugs, the Solder: 76 statue from the Overwatch CE, and a PixelJunk fan I got at, I think a PAX from when I was going to those.

Some wall art – a fantasy map I made at the Seattle Experience Music Project back in 2013 during their “Fantasy” exhibit, a BfA Jaina poster I won at Blizzcon 2018 for completing a Mythic Plus with strangers on the show floor, the Blizzcon 2018 desk mat, a WoW 15th Anniversary poster I got at Blizzcon 2019, some Hearthstone Loa pennants from Blizzcon 2018 I think, a WoW calendar from my mother-in-law, an oversized WoW shopping bag from Blizzcon 2018, and the patch backpack from Blizzcon 2017, I think it was?

Lastly, some extra trinkets – the original Bioshock score on vinyl, a bookcover that my purchase at Maruzen in Tokyo was wrapped in, an Alliance pennant from WoW, the Starcraft II Heart of the Swarm CE mousepad, a Fanimecon fan I was given for working on the show, a basic Japanese fan we bought at Daiso in Harajuku, a Well Played sign they were giving out to eSports viewers in the Hearthstone area at Blizzcon 2019, and an oversized WoW shopping bag from Blizzcon 2019.

All of these trinkets don’t necessarily say much individually, but I think they’re fun to have on display and it brings some color into my daily use of my office and on-stream adds a bit of life that is needed! Together, I think they say a lot about the media I like and there’s a clear theme of things I like (maybe too much WoW stuff for me today, but that is a 16 year history!), and it was just fun to go through and document all of it for me!


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